Federal Charges

In federal criminal cases, you will be facing some of the toughest prosecutors out there. The FBI, Department of Homeland Security, DEA – these organizations are massive, with the backing of the federal government and all the resources that come with it. When they decide to come after you for a crime you are accused of, you really have no time to lose. You want to get in touch with an attorney immediately, a criminal defense attorney with the fortitude to handle federal crimes.

Has the United States Government Made You a Target of Their Investigation?

You need a Louisiana federal criminal defense lawyer who is licensed to practice in federal court. Only a handful of criminal lawyers in Louisiana are fully licensed to practice in federal court. We’re proud to say we are licensed to practice in both the Western and Middle Districts of Louisiana.

The Charging Stage in Federal Criminal Cases

Federal prosecutors often rely on the shock-and-awe effect to get a step ahead of criminal defendants before the case even begins.  Usually, federal prosecutors will determine if a person is the target, subject, or merely a witness in an investigation.

When Federal Cases Go to Court

Ordinarily, federal prosecutors must establish every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt, at a trial.  There are also pre-trial defenses your attorney can raise through pre-trial motions.  

These defenses are common in drug cases and other such matters. Many pre-trial defenses include

  1. Lack of reasonable suspicion for the stop,
  2. Failing to obtain a search warrant,
  3. Chain of custody evidentiary issues,
  4. No applicable search warrant exception, and
  5. Lack of probable cause for the arrest.

Federal judges have the power to throw cases out of court in these situations.

Building A Strong Defense

My firm handles all types of federal crimes, including drug trafficking, money laundering, fraud, white collar crimes, etc. Depending on the severity of the crime, you could be facing significant fines and prison time. In some cases you may be looking at decades behind bars. That is why it is so important that you have a strong defense. Your future is riding on the outcome of your case, which means mistakes, missteps and delays are to be avoided at all costs.

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