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The Law Office of Brady Skinner is a Baton Rouge-based boutique criminal defense & personal injury law firm with a statewide and national presence.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

At The Law Office of Brady Skinner, LLC, we proudly defend our clients both in and out of the courtroom. Throughout Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana, our services are offered to residents in need of proven representation at an affordable price. We know that facing criminal allegations can be an overwhelming experience, which is why we go above and beyond when supporting our clients through tough times.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury

At The Law Office of Brady Skinner, LLC, we proudly serve, not only Baton Rouge, but New Orleans, Lafayette, Lake Charles and any residents of Louisiana who’s suffered injury at the fault of another person, corporation or insurance company.
Brady Skinner
My law firm was founded to help people just like you.

Brady Skinner, Attorney at Law

Attorney Profile

My firm provides sophisticated and highly skilled representation to every case.

Our practice involves defending those involved in state and federal criminal matters, pursuing justice from insurance companies when a person is injured, whether in an 18-wheeler accident or a grocery store slip-and-fall and on rare occasions representing a parent in family court.

I have represented a number of different clients through many situations, I understand and appreciate how difficult things are when an attorney is necessary. We don’t take any B.S. and you shouldn’t either. When you find yourself facing years of incarceration, being low-balled by the insurance company, or unable to reconcile your differences with a loved one and see your children, don’t take the B.S. Call “The No B.S. Attorney” a real attorney for real people.

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Serving the community since 2013

Reviews & Testimonials

A real attorney for real people.

I endorse Brady Skinner. I've known and worked with Brady for a number of years. He is a very hard worker and a strong and compassionate advocate. He takes pride in his work and practice of law. He is able and willing to put in the time to properly represent his clients. Brady will not be "pushed around" by the government or insurance industry. He stands up for his clients, sometimes at a great personal sacrifice. His study and application of the law are meticulous. Brady is always working at developing effective ways to represent his clients. He is driven by a strong passion to obtain justice for his clients. Most important, Brady listens to and works to understand his clients. I highly recommend him.

Thomas Davenport
Thomas Davenport
Attorney Endorsement

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Brady Skinner after my automobile accident. I was hesitant to find an attorney because I knew that my schedule was hectic and at times it is hard for me to find time to go through all of the procedures necessary during a case. Mr. Skinner was very understanding of my time limitations and his flexibility allowed me to have a wonderful experience. His professionalism, responsiveness, and exceptional ability to communicate made me feel comfortable each step of the way. He listened to my concerns and made sure I was taken care of. I highly recommend Mr. Brady Skinner. I'm so happy I made the right choice in choosing him to represent me. If you want your voice to be considered, you should go with Mr. Skinner.


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We don’t take any B.S. and you shouldn’t either.

Are you facing years of incarceration or being low-balled by the insurance company?