A DWI Charge is Serious. You Need a Serious Defense Attorney.

In Louisiana, if you are pulled over for suspected drunk driving, the consequences can be devastating. Our firm prides itself on giving honest and effective legal advice that puts our clients in the best position under the circumstances. That could mean a variety of strategies – from filing a motion to suppress to taking the case to trial.

Whether you are facing a Louisiana first offense DUI or subsequent offense, the process is a stressful experience. DUI convictions alter lives and restrict future opportunities, you need a thorough DUI case evaluation by a Louisiana drunk driving defense lawyer. Fighting a DUI accusation is a critical decision, as is selecting the right criminal defense attorney.

When facing a DUI charge, getting immediate legal advice from a Louisiana DUI defense lawyer is critical.

Convictions Are Devastating

DWI/DUI is referred to as a “predicate offense,” and each subsequent conviction will typically carry stricter consequences. That is, a second offense will likely have a harsher sentence than a first offense. First and second offense DWI convictions are misdemeanors. On a DUI/DWI first or second offense, you will not receive a jury trial, the judge will hear your case and determine, after evidence, whether you are guilty or not guilty. Generally, third offense DWI charges and higher are felonies, and you have a right to a jury trial in these matters.In most cases, your driver’s license is also suspended 30 days after an DUI/DWI arrest in Louisiana. Driving privileges for your personal vehicle is not the only privilege at risk. If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you could lose that license as well, even if you have been accused of drunk driving in your personal vehicle.


Breathalyzer Test

If you take the breathalyzer test, and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08 percent or more by weight based on grams of alcohol per one hundred cubic centimeters of blood, you can be found guilty of DUI/DWI.  

If you blow more than a 0.20 then there is mandatory jail time attached to any conviction.  If you refuse to take the breathalyzer test, your license can be suspended for up to one year and your driving privileges for that time period can be revoked.

Administrative Hearing

Whether or not you submitted to a breathalyzer, you should not face a DWI charge alone. You have a right to have an administrative hearing to combat the suspension of driving privileges once arrested for a DUI/DWI.  as a Louisiana DWI defense lawyer, Brady Skinner will fight for your driving privileges and your freedom. The law guarantees citizens certain rights, and you need to make sure your rights were not violated. You’ll need a Louisiana DWI defense lawyer.

Hire a Louisiana DUI Defense Attorney

Do not let a bad night disrupt your personal and professional life or ruin your criminal record with a minor offense. Call or contact my firm to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney about your case. I promise to provide you with an honest assessment of your situation and advise you on the best possible outcomes for your case, with all of the steps outlined along the way. Get a Louisiana DUI criminal defense attorney on your side.

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